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Little Ko Ceramics

[Add On] Custom Kittea Glazing 🐈

[Add On] Custom Kittea Glazing 🐈

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This listing is not for a kittea but a customizations add on for your kittea. 

This customization add on is for the custom glazing of one kittea set which consists of 1 teapot and 2 cups. After purchasing this add on with your kittea set please email me with what customizations you would like to have for your kittea ie "I would like the teapot to be a Tuxedo, one teacup to be calico and one teacup to be a siamese cat" 

Only one add on is required per set, meaning if you purchase two kittea sets and wish for both sets to be custom glazed, you must purchase an add on for each kittea set you order – which in this case would be 2 add ons.

This add on is only applicable to the kitteas and no other product. After your order confirmation has been sent please email me with your customizations. The sooner I receive your customizations the sooner your kittea can go into production.

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