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Little Ko Ceramics

Ziggy the Zebra 🦓

Ziggy the Zebra 🦓

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Get Ziggy with it! Meet Ziggy the zebra 🦓 Despite how he looks, Ziggy isn’t as black and white as he seems. Ziggy is a complex soul who enjoys long evening chats with friends over a cup of wine 🍷 He is a classy Zebra who loves a good book on a rainy day or listening to old songs on a record place by the fire in his rocking chair 😌 But, some days, when he’s out with friends from the neighborhood on a Friday night, this otherwise quiet and introverted homebody turns into his alter ego, Zaggy. Zaggy can be loud and a little rambunctious 💓 He is the friend who escorts everyone home and ensures that a fun day will always end on a safe note 🖤🤍


Here are some details about Ziggy/Zaggy 🦓:

Height: 8 cm

Width: 8.5 cm

Volume: approx 215 ml

Ziggy is coffee lid compatible ☕️ 

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