Do you ship internationally?

Little Ko Ceramics is now international! Koko and I have been working very hard to learn more about international shipping 📦 and we hope that with the new site your order can be purchased and shipped seamlessly 💖 We do also acknowledge that despite opening our store to all  international Sprouts there is still a chance that shipping to certain countries may not be possible if our mail courier restricts certain locations. Since we are shipping with Canada Post I can ship to the countries offered by Canada Post shipping.

Will there be any Duties + Taxes?

All purchases currently do not include any tax. However, when the Bean Sprouts are shipped to other countries outside of Canada I cannot guarantee that there won't be any extra fees (custom duties) upon arrival. These fees will based on the country you live in.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

As of right now Little Ko Ceramics is still just a small company bean that hasn't quite sprouted yet. I am still trying to water and grow Little Ko so that one day I will be able to offer Free Shipping. However, It may take some time before I will be able to offer Free shipping. So please be patient with me as Little Ko develops it's roots.

How do I know if the piece I purchased is food safe?

Please refer to our Stamp Codes Page to read up more on food safety and ceramic care. Generally speaking, all pieces that are deemed and stamped as Food Safe can be used in the microwave or dishwasher. However, to ensure a longer and healthier life for your new Bean Sprouts please consider gently hand washing them 🫧

How will I know when the next shop update is?

Most of the time I will notify all Sprouts via Instagram for shop updates! However, if you would like any sneak peeks, exclusive first looks or discounts please consider Becoming a Sprout 🌱

How are the Bean Sprouts priced?

Each Bean Sprout is special and one of a kind. Since each piece is handmade all of the Bean Sprouts are priced based on the amount of time spent sculpting, glazing and creating your little friend 💖 I do my best to put all my love, care and attention to detail into each piece. On average a single Bean Sprout will take me a day to throw, a day to trim, a day to sculpt, a day to dry and homogenize the clay, a day to reach bone dry, a day for bisque firing, a day for glazing, another day for it's final glaze firing before it becomes a finished Bean Sprout 😮 For simple pieces I usually take around 2 hours to sculpt and on glazing days I take around an 2-3 hours to glaze the colourful details. For more intricate pieces it can take anywhere between 6-8 hours to sculpt and 3-5 hours to glaze the tiny details 😮‍💨 In total a single piece can take anywhere from 8 - 12 days to make 🤯